20-Minute HIIT Rowing Exercise For Weight Loss

20-Minute HIIT Rowing Workout For Weight Loss

If in case you have entry to a rower at your gymnasium otherwise you’re fortunate sufficient to have a rower at house, do this 30-minute HIIT exercise created by NASM-certified coach Caley Crawford, and director of training for Row House, that may assist you to reduce weight.

Excessive-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) permits the physique to burn extra energy in much less time, defined Crawford. She instructed CelebrityPie that when carried out accurately, the exercise will make you burn energy for hours after the exercise attributable to EPOC (extra post-exercise oxygen consumption). The depth of the intervals in your exercise causes the physique to should work tougher post-workout to recuperate, which in flip permits your physique to proceed burning energy one to 2 hours after, often called the afterburn impact.

HIIT offers a variety of the identical advantages as different types of extra cardio cardio; nevertheless, you get these outcomes and advantages in much less time labored. “It is a tremendous environment friendly and extremely efficient type of coaching,” Crawford stated. To get the complete HIIT impact, you will wish to pair a high-intensity train with full relaxation/restoration. Probably the greatest methods to attain that is with rowing, defined Crawford. “Rowing works 86 p.c of your muscular tissues in each stroke when executed correctly, which causes the center and lungs to should work tougher to gasoline the physique,” she stated. It is also a low-impact train that permits you to discover these excessive intensities with out including additional stress in your joints.

One of many myths is that HIIT exercises should be excessive impression, and that is not true in any respect. They only should be excessive depth, Crawford defined. In actual fact, if you’ll find a high-intensity exercise that is low-impact, you’ll do it extra as a result of it will not be as laborious in your physique and joints. For those who can maintain a exercise that will not trigger you damage, which means extra energy burned, extra weight reduction, and a decrease resting coronary heart charge. Crawford stated, “Rowing is just like the mecca of HIIT exercises and cardio exercises basically. It is the trifecta: high-cardio, full-body, and low-impact.

20-Minute HIIT Rowing Exercise For Weight Loss

I did this exercise 4 occasions and every time burned about 220 energy, which included the warmup firstly. That is fairly superior for a fast exercise! I cherished pushing myself on the intervals, respiration laborious, and dripping sweat — it felt wonderful. Give it a attempt.

20-Minute HIIT Rowing Exercise For Weight Loss

Gear wanted: rower

Instructions: Full the nine-minute warmup under earlier than starting the 20-minute rowing exercise. For the rowing exercise, you will do 4 totally different timed intervals and do them every for 2, 4, six, and eight rounds (defined within the chart under). After the exercise, quiet down with a lightweight three-minute row after which do these stretches: Low Lunge, Down Canine, Cobra, Pigeon, and Kid’s Pose.


Warmup Workout routines Time
Good morning 60 seconds
Walkout 60 seconds
Down Canine 60 seconds
Plank maintain or Plank with shoulder faucet 60 seconds
Row at 22 SPM (strokes per minute) 60 seconds (at 70 p.c depth)
Row at 24 SPM 60 seconds (at 75 p.c depth)
Row at 26 SPM 60 seconds (at 80 p.c depth)
Row at 28 SPM 60 seconds (at 85 p.c depth)
Row at 30 SPM 60 seconds (at 90 p.c depth)

20-Minute Rowing Exercise:

Rounds Train
2 Dash (above 90% effort): 60 seconds
Restoration paddle (very gentle row): 60 seconds
4 Dash (above 90% effort): 45 seconds
Restoration paddle (very gentle row): 45 seconds
6 Dash (above 90% effort): 30 seconds
Restoration paddle (very gentle row): 30 seconds
8 Dash (above 90% effort): 15 seconds
Restoration paddle (very gentle row): 15 seconds

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