30-Minute Seated Resistance Band Arm Exercise

30-Minute Seated Resistance Band Arm Workout

Strengthen your arms and higher physique in a seated place with this 30-minute exercise from ISSA-certified private coach Maria Rabaino. She created this 12-move resistance band exercise for fellow of us in a wheelchair, but it surely works for anybody sitting in a chair or on a bench. These are primary, but efficient strikes which might be damaged down into three supersets to essentially fatigue your muscle mass. Should you’re used to working with dumbbells or doing body weight strikes, there’s nothing just like the burn you get from utilizing resistance bands! Rabaino used a pull-up band, however any lengthy resistance band will work.

30-Minute Seated Resistance Band Arm Exercise

Gear wanted: lengthy resistance band

Instructions: After warming up the higher physique with a minute every of seated arm circles and trunk twists, full the three supersets beneath for 3 rounds every, taking a minute to relaxation between every superset. Learn on for instructions on the best way to do every train. Whenever you’re carried out with the exercise, settle down with some gentle upper-body static stretches.

Superset 1: Carry out 3 instances
Band Pull Aside 12 reps
Chest Press 12 reps
Bent-Over Single-Arm Reverse Fly 12 reps per aspect

Relaxation for one minute.

Superset 2: Carry out 3 instances
Bicep Curl 12 reps
Shoulder Entrance Elevate 12 reps
Chest Elevate 12 reps

Relaxation for one minute.

Superset 3: Carry out 3 instances
Single-Arm Shoulder Press 12 reps per aspect
Core Twist 12 reps per aspect
Tricep Extension 12 reps per aspect


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