5 Beauty Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life


Beauty is complicated. From 20-step skincare routines to ever-changing makeup fads, it can be hard to keep up and find the products that make life easier instead of more complicated. There are a lot of self-proclaimed miracle items out there, but to cut through the noise, I’m sharing the products that are truly worth your consideration and fulfill their promise of making your life—and your beauty routine—easier.

Picture this: you’re getting ready for a night out, hair and makeup looking absolutely on-point. You’re about to put on your stunning white evening dress when you realize: oh no! Your makeup is about to smudge on your dress, your hair will be ruined, and that incredible look you’ve been tiring over all evening will be ruined. Makeup artist Brittany Whitfield has witnessed this tragedy more times than she can count on the sets of photo shoots, which is why she developed the Crashandblend.

This nifty invention looks like a shower cap, but you place it over your chin, face, and hair to stop makeup from transferring to your clothes while getting dressed. The protector is made from recyclable materials, and it was designed to be inclusive of all hair textures and styles as well.

As I’ve noted before, maskne is on the rise. As important as cleansers and exfoliants are, they can only do so much, especially if you are just using your hands or a washcloth. Enter meejee, a creative little device that helps you clean your skin below the surface. Your pores will thank you! Plus, meejee has partnered with PlasticBank to save 100 plastic bottles from entering the ocean with every meejee purchase made, because there’s nothing better than a device that helps keep your skin and the planet clean.

The most annoying part about applying body scrubs and lotions is how the product gets absolutely everywhere. You feel messy and end up wasting valuable product. Luckily, this nifty little shell scoop from Coco & Eve helps to ensure a smooth, clean and even application of your favorite skincare products. It doesn’t hurt that it takes the shape of a cute pink shell that you’ll want to make a highlight of your powder room decor, either!

Perfect your at-home tanning routine with this exfoliating mitt from Bali Body. The key to an even glow is making sure your skin is exfoliated and smooth beforehand, so this mitt helps prep your skin for your favorite self tanner. If you’re refreshing your self tan, the mitt can also help remove leftover self tanner product build up for a truly even application.

Remember those 4-in-1 color pens that you’d try to push down so you could use all the colors at once when you were young? Well, this nifty gadget from Alleyoop takes the same concept and applies it to makeup. This pen features a black eyeliner, mauve lip liner, brown eyeliner/brow pencil, and shimmery highlighter; 4 key makeup products all in one convenient little pen! This is ideal for when you’re consolidating your makeup collection or on-the-go application.


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