Alexis Rose’s Hand Gesture Is Based mostly on Kim Kardashian

Alexis Rose's Hand Gesture Is Based on Kim Kardashian

When you’ve ever discovered your self duplicating the long-lasting hand gestures of Schitt’s Creek‘s Alexis Rose, you have got a wholly completely different well-known household to thank: the Kardashians. That is proper, not solely did actor Annie Murphy base Alexis’s vocal fry on the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, she primarily based her signature hand gesture on how these two actuality stars maintain their baggage.

Throughout an look on interview collection Construct, Murphy revealed she received the thought from watching clips of Hilton and Kardashian: “Late one night time, I used to be like, ‘What if there was no purse and I simply flipped my wrist over after which, like, added one other wrist?'” Very similar to her steadily yelling David’s identify, this is without doubt one of the greatest defining traits of the essence of Alexis. Guess meaning she’s not solely just a little bit Alexis, however just a little bit Kardashian, too. In case you have forgotten how you can do “the Alexis,” under are only a few of our favourite GIFs of her well-known gesture.


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