Are You A Woman Questioning, " Does He Love Me Anymore?"

Are You A Woman Questioning Does He Love Me Anymore
Are You A Woman Questioning Does He Love Me Anymore

Love, as great as the feeling can be may slowly disappear for some reasons. If you presume signs he’s not in love anymore, or wonder does my boyfriend still love me, or signs my husband ‘not attracted to me any longer, and you still love him, you remain in a tight spot.

You might be thinking, he loves someone else.

How you will you understand if your vows of forever will last? Keep reading to find out the best ways to see signs he’s not in love anymore, and comprise your mind on the next step to finding happiness.

Is healing the broken relationship, perhaps, possible?

A Course in Miracles teaches about the special relationship, but not the kind of special as humans we usually think of.

The special relationship is all about the body, or ego, and is afraid to connect and see with the real love that is waiting to be discovered.

Special is outside of love and therefore is unholy, but that doesn’t mean holiness cannot be found within.

A Course in Miracles states, “The shadowy figures of the special relationship speak for vengeance, and all relationships into which they enter are totally insane.”

On the other hand the holy relationship is that place of bliss where we touch love from beyond the body and carry out the relationship from that state of mind, but the body does indeed enjoy going along for the ride.

Now, does he invest more time with other individuals when you go out? One of the very first red alert signals and signs he’s not in love anymore is the amount of time he invests with you.

ACIM further teaches, “It’s the holy relationship that is of the real world, clean and bright and new, with everything sparkling under the great open sun.”

When they recognize that they do not feel affection for you anymore will attempt to discover reasons to not be around you, men.

Here are 6 signals to see if you are in an unholy special relationship:

1.) Communication dries up.

2.) Does he still call you to know how you are doing?

3.) Does he immediately get his phone and press the answer button when you call?

4.) He doesn’t see communication as a critical ingredient to build a fantastic relationship.

5.) Prior to, he was sending you limitless sweet texts and calls, now he doesn’t even bother sending you a “great early morning” text message.

6.) You realize the signs he’s not in love anymore, when you call him and you always get his voice mail informing you he will call back later.

If you text him you will wind up waiting for at least day to get a reply.

If your man changes his number, doesn’t take your phone call and cuts all means of interaction, surely are signs he’s not in love anymore.

He may enjoy hanging out with his own friends and having a great time.

Does He Love Me Anymore?

If he can not invest a couple of hours with you and does not really care about interaction and being together, then do not think that he is still in love with you unless one of you takes the initiative to begin a detailed open discussion.

When was the last time he took you out on a weekend trip?

When it is lost in a relationship is the beginning of fallout, love. He doesn’t touch you anymore in a gentle way can be of the signs he’s not in love anymore.

He may be around a lot, but mainly, he barely pays attention to your presence.

Regularly, he forgets to state kind words or show appreciation for your efforts.

When was the last time he offered you a compliment or requested your opinion or idea on something?

You are probably realizing the signs he’s not in love anymore when he does not do these things any longer.

He can not remember specific dates and he forgets simple features of you – like your middle name, your birthday, and anniversaries.

The Broken Relationship

He does not provide you fantastic gifts and great surprises. Then you must be seeing signs he’s not in love anymore, if he ever breaks his promises often.

Damaged promises eventually cause a broken heart and wind up with a broken relationship.

Love ought to never feel like a rusted nail by force into your heart.

If he shouts at you, hurts you, degrades you, belittles you, makes you sob, then he is showing you signs he’s not in love anymore.

Can you still call it love when he does not even respect you?

If you wonder, does my husband really love me, or does my boyfriend still love me, and you still hanging on to him, you are in a hard scenario.

Find out, talk with him, try to decide and see to make up your mind on the next peaceful action towards your own happiness.

One of the very first red alert signals for, does he love me anymore, is the quantity of time he invests with you.

Can the broken relationship heal and find its way to being a holy relationship? Yes, I believe sometimes it can heal and find its way to holiness.

The Course in Miracles states, “The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned. It is the old, unholy special relationship, transformed and seen anew.”

Sure, many men like hanging out with their man friends, but if he’s truly in love with you, he will find his way to you.

To the holy relationship!

Source by James Nussbaumer


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