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This exercise combines dumbbell and body weight strikes to provide the final arm burn. Every transfer targets totally different areas of your higher physique together with the deltoids (shoulders), biceps, triceps, and traps. You will construct energy all via your arms and be feeling sore for days after this exercise!

The Workout

Instructions: First heat up your arms, then seize a pair of sunshine to medium weight dumbbells. (This is how to decide on the precise weight.) Carry out every train for 10 reps, then repeat the 10-move exercise two to 4 occasions, taking a 30-second break between units if wanted. Calm down afterwards with the six arm stretches included.

  • Overhead shoulder press
  • Bent-over row
  • Upright row
  • Overhead triceps extensions
  • Vast bicep curl
  • Bent-over reverse fly
  • Man maker burpee
  • Chaturanga push-up
  • Dolphin dive
  • Triceps dips

Hold studying for how you can do every transfer and stretch!


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