Can a Tampon Get Misplaced Inside My Physique?

Can a Tampon Get Lost Inside My Body?

Increase your hand if you happen to’ve ever skilled a second of panic since you could not find your tampon string to tug it out. The nerves in that second are undoubtedly comprehensible however not precisely mandatory. Even if you happen to’re having a tough time finding your tampon (we’ll get into that additional down!), it could possibly by no means really get misplaced. In different phrases, simply because you may’t discover it straight away does not imply it is floating by your physique.

“The tampon is within the vagina, and the vagina does not talk with the belly/pelvic cavity. It subsequently will keep solely within the vagina and has no approach to migrate wherever else,” defined Laurence Orbuch, MD, FABOG, a board-certified ob-gyn.

If you cannot discover your string or if it breaks (which, by the way in which, could be very uncommon), there are methods to take away your tampon, so bear in mind to remain calm.

Dr. Orbuch mentioned you should utilize one or two fingers within the vagina to really feel for the tampon and attempt to then pull it out. You should definitely wash your arms first.

In an article for Tampax, Melisa Holmes, MD, an ob-gyn and founding father of Girlology, famous that squatting and bearing down like you’re about to use the bathroom may assist with reaching and eradicating the tampon. Deliberate Parenthood additionally recommends lying down and taking deep breaths to relax earlier than trying to take away it.

If you happen to’re unable to get your tampon out, Dr. Orbuch mentioned you must see your physician. On prime of merely inflicting you stress, Dr. Orbuch mentioned a tampon left contained in the physique could possibly be uncomfortable or contribute towards a vaginal an infection.

Keep in mind, the longest period of time a tampon needs to be left in is eight hours, as sporting tampons for long periods of time may increase your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome (TSS), so if you happen to’re nearing that time-frame, think about calling your physician as properly.


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