Can Apple Cider Vinegar Hurt Your Enamel?

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Harm Your Teeth?

The thrill round apple cider vinegar (ACV for brief) champions it as a pure protection in opposition to indigestion and reflux and rising ldl cholesterol and sugar ranges — however what’s much less talked about is how ACV can probably hurt your tooth.

Even when diluted with water, I can barely get apple cider vinegar down. Too typically it is left sitting in my mouth, which is why I started to surprise how ACV’s robust acidity impacts my pearly whites. So, I touched base with Summer time Holloway, DMD, the proprietor of Floss Dental Boutique, for solutions.

“Common apple cider vinegar consumption can negatively have an effect on your oral well being twofold: Apple cider vinegar creates an acidic setting, creating an ideal alternative for decay. Secondly, many individuals have elevated tooth sensitivity as a result of lack of the protecting layer of your tooth (your enamel),” Holloway says.

I knew my intestine instincts have been onto one thing, so I made a decision to modify to ACV gummies as a substitute of liquid vinegar — however that is not all the time a foolproof resolution, both.

In response to Holloway, the gummies could possibly be a greater choice in comparison with liquid ACV from an acidic standpoint since you are not splashing your tooth with a low pH fluid — however you possibly can be exposing your tooth to different issues, like sugar.

“Sometimes, sugar and acid are the substances that give gummies, mints, and chewing gum taste. Do not get fooled that sugar-free is best to your tooth. Most frequently, which means there may be an elevated acidic element giving the flavour,” she explains.

Suppose you are still dedicated to ingesting ACV frequently. In that case, Holloway recommends you at the very least defend your tooth by reneutralizing your oral pH postvinegar by rinsing your mouth with baking-soda water for about 30 seconds earlier than spitting it out. Simply ensure to get approval out of your dentist earlier than including this to your routine.

And the minute you discover elevated chilly or sugar tooth sensitivity, Holloway urges that you just make an appointment along with your dentist to make sure your enamel is in good condition.

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