Can You Dye Your Hair If You Have Scalp Psoriasis?

Can You Dye Your Hair If You Have Scalp Psoriasis?

Skin conditions can be extremely challenging to navigate. Folks experiencing circumstances like scalp psoriasis usually discover that they are hyperaware of ingredient lists and chemical compounds, all in an effort to maintain their pores and skin beneath management. So once you begin to contemplate issues like hair dye, it may be tough to know whether or not or not it should set off a dreaded flare-up or trigger irritation. The excellent news is, you do not have to say goodbye to dyeing your hair for good; you would possibly simply have to take just a few additional steps to make sure that the coloring course of does not exacerbate your scalp psoriasis.

To learn the way to strategy dyeing your hair in case you have scalp psoriasis, we requested London-based marketing consultant dermatologist and hair specialist Dr Sharon Wong and Florida-based certified trichologist and creative colorist Bridgette Hill for his or her experience.

What Is Psoriasis, and Scalp Psoriasis Particularly?

Psoriasis is a persistent autoimmune illness that quickens pores and skin’s cell turnover. Regular pores and skin turnover takes round three to 4 weeks, however when you’ve got psoriasis, this course of solely takes just a few days. Psoriasis on the whole is definitely quite common, affecting roughly eight million people in the US.

Like many pores and skin circumstances, the causes of psoriasis aren’t clear lower. “Psoriasis is attributable to a posh interplay between genetics, the immune system, and environmental components,” stated Dr Wong, including that usually, with psoriasis, “pores and skin develops thickened, raised crimson plaques with a attribute coarse, silvery scale.” In darker pores and skin tones, “coloring [of psoriasis] can come throughout as extra of a darkish rose therapeutic scab with slight publicity of pink beneath,” Hill informed CelebrityPie. Psoriasis can even happen on many elements of your physique, together with your scalp.

Scalp psoriasis particularly presents the identical as defined above (thickened pores and skin and flaking) however clearly is most distinguished on the scalp and across the hairline. “The flaking in psoriasis could be very excessive and infrequently causes a variety of embarrassment to folks,” Dr Wong stated. It is necessary to notice that the signs seen in psoriasis on the scalp are totally different from dandruff, regardless of them showing much like the untrained eye, which is why it is necessary to hunt medical recommendation and never self-diagnose.

Can You Dye Your Hair If You Have Scalp Psoriasis?

The robust scent of hair dye alone is sufficient to make anybody fear whether or not it is inflicting any hurt to your scalp (don’t fret; for almost all of individuals, it is not). However in case you have scalp psoriasis, that fear is probably going even better. The reply as to if hair dye impacts your scalp psoriasis relies on the severity of your situation. “Allergic reactions to hair dye don’t trigger psoriasis, but when scalp psoriasis is lively, then the dyes may cause additional irritation, irritation, and discomfort,” Dr Wong stated. “Dyeing your hair throughout a flare-up runs the true danger of creating the pores and skin much more irritated and uncomfortable, or worse nonetheless, creating an allergy on high of the psoriasis.” Hill echoed this: “As a colorist and trichologist, I see psoriasis as an open wound. Hair coloration can exacerbate a flare-up and create wounds, scarring, and irritation on the scalp.”

The excellent news is that in case your psoriasis is beneath management and never at the moment flaring up, you ought to be superb to proceed dyeing your hair. However with each pores and skin situation, in case you’re ever not sure, remember to converse together with your GP or dermatologist.

Ought to You Go to a Skilled Hair Colorist If You Have Scalp Psoriasis?

The brief reply is sure, just because it reduces the danger of inflicting additional irritation to your pores and skin. On a sensible degree, in case your scalp psoriasis presents on the again of your head or someplace that is troublesome to see, you may not pay attention to a flare or irritation if dyeing your hair at dwelling.

“If somebody is managing psoriasis, they need to completely be working hand in hand with a colorist for one of the best strategy, approach, product, and utility that can inflict much less hurt and never set off a psoriasis flare-up,” Hill stated. Throughout your appointment, you need to all the time make the colorist conscious of any hair or scalp points that you’ve or have beforehand skilled, even when they are not lively or flaring on the time, plus any allergic reactions or sensitivity to merchandise or substances, Dr Wong famous.

Everybody ought to have a patch check finished earlier than getting their hair dyed, however that is much more necessary for individuals who have psoriasis or are delicate to dyes. Dr Wong recommends doing a small patch check by inserting the dye on the scalp or neck or behind your ears to rule out allergy or irritation. She famous that although dyes could also be PPD-free (paraphenylenediamine), you should still have a sensitivity in direction of them.

If going to the salon is not one thing you wish to do or can’t afford, Dr Wong stated that so long as you “deal with the flare first and restore the scalp again to well being earlier than dyeing your hair”, you ought to be superb dyeing your hair at dwelling.

Are There Any Substances in Hair Dye to Keep away from If You Have Scalp Psoriasis?

In the case of avoiding sure substances in hair dye, the reply sadly is not quite simple. Hill really helpful minimizing ammonia (there are lots of ammonia-free dyes in the marketplace; one in every of our favorites is from Christophe Robin), in addition to avoiding pure natural oils, as these can exacerbate psoriasis for some folks. Dr Wong stated folks with more-sensitive scalps would possibly wish to keep away from PPD, which is the commonest reason for hair-dye allergic reactions and pores and skin irritation. Nevertheless, she famous that in case your psoriasis is beneath management, you should not want to fret about avoiding sure substances.

In case you are actually frightened concerning the dye however wish to experiment with coloration and are not touching up your roots, Hill suggests making an attempt a hair-color approach, like balayage, that retains dyes off your scalp altogether. Along with this, because the hairline is often affected by psoriasis, Dr Wong recommends utilizing a thick, petroleum-based emollient like Vaseline to guard surrounding pores and skin and behind your ears to attenuate potential irritation from contact with dyes.

Briefly, in case your psoriasis is especially extreme or flaring, you should not dye your hair, because it may trigger additional irritation, but when your psoriasis is beneath management, there is no purpose it’s good to keep away from coloring your hair. If you happen to’re nonetheless unsure, converse together with your GP or dermatologist and go to a hair colorist who has expertise with scalp circumstances.


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