Can You Nap With Contact Lenses In?

Can You Nap With Contact Lenses In?

Roughly 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses and regardless of specialists typically advising folks to take out their lenses earlier than sleeping, a CDC report discovered that roughly one third of contact lens wearers sleep or nap while wearing them. However think about this: it is a wet, cloudy Sunday afternoon. You don’t have any plans or chores to do. The one factor you must fear about is the way you need to spend your day. In the event you’re a nap lover like me, this type of day makes you sleepy, prompting you to float off. Generally it is just too laborious to withstand curling up for a very good nap. However in case you put on contact lenses, you have in all probability puzzled how secure or harmful it’s to nap with them in. We spoke with three specialists to get their tackle sleeping with contact lenses.

Can I Nap In My Contact Lenses?

In a single phrase, no. Though it might be handy, sleeping involved lenses is never advisable from a medical standpoint, Margaret Liu, MD, ophthalmologist, surgeon, and Founding father of the SF Eye Institute inside the Pacific Vision Foundation, advised CelebrityPie. It’s because contact lenses invariably lower oxygenation of the attention, promote particles construct up, and permit micro organism and parasites to entry the cornea. Actually, sleeping in contact lenses will increase your probability of getting an eye infection by six to eight times, which may end up in ache and imaginative and prescient loss, she mentioned. Imaginative and prescient loss could be everlasting or require surgical intervention due to scarring of the cornea. Dr. Liu additional defined that sleeping involved lenses may cause irritation, which can trigger persistent discomfort, similar to burning, tearing, or international physique sensation when sporting them.

You can too develop a corneal ulcer (an open sore of the cornea) or corneal abrasion (a scratch on the cornea), mentioned Ora Esfahani, OD, Director of Optometric Providers on the Southern California Eye Institute at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Heart.

Lastly, sleeping involved lenses may cause them to get caught beneath your eyelid, Dr. Esfahani mentioned, including that such an prevalence could be uncomfortable and will require elimination by a health care provider.

Is There Any Distinction Between Sleeping For a Brief vs Lengthy Nap?

Usually, Dr. Liu mentioned, the extra time spent sleeping involved lenses, the larger the danger that somebody will develop signs of an infection or irritation and undergo from the extra extreme penalties.

That mentioned, napping for a brief (20-minute) period of time along with your contact lens in is not the top of the world, Dr. Esfahani added. In the event you’re asleep for a number of hours, then your contact lenses can dry up in your eye. This may trigger discomfort and even scratch your eye while you open them. And, relying on the fabric of your contact lens, your cornea could not obtain ample oxygen and hydration whereas sleeping, inflicting irritation and presumably an an infection, Dr. Esfahani mentioned. With shorter naps, these points are much less prone to happen. However in fact, it nonetheless can occur, which is vital to recollect, she added.

Is There Any Distinction If I Sleep With Every day or Month-to-month Contacts?

It is not advisable that you simply sleep in daily wear lenses, which embrace one-day, two-week, month-to-month, and quarterly disposable lenses, Sujay Kansagra, MD, Director of Duke College’s Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medication Program and a sleep well being skilled at Mattress Agency, advised CelebrityPie. Nevertheless, there are some FDA-approved extended wear lenses which can be particularly designed for in a single day or steady put on starting from one to 6 nights, or as much as 30 days.

That mentioned, it is vital to notice that whereas all contact lenses pose risks, every day put on lenses typically total have less risk of infection than extended wear lenses, Dr. Liu mentioned.

What Ought to I Do If I Fall Asleep in My Contact Lenses?

As a result of many contact lens wearers develop contact lens-related dry eye, Dr. Kansagra recommends making use of rewetting drops to rehydrate your eyes and get in touch with lens earlier than elimination. It’s because dry eyes can improve your threat of corneal abrasion.

Afterwards, you need to give your eyes a day break from contact lenses in order that they’ve an opportunity to breathe, Dr. Esfahani added.


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