Can You Really feel an IUD Throughout Intercourse?

Can You Feel an IUD During Sex?

Should you simply received an IUD for the primary time, you may be questioning if the machine will be felt in any respect throughout intercourse. To reply that query, we spoke to Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG, a board-certified ob-gyn who’s a sexual- and reproductive-health skilled for Intimina — an organization that makes intimate well being merchandise.

First, let’s dive into the anatomy of an IUD. The IUD (intrauterine machine) is a small T-shaped machine that is actually placed inside the uterus.

As Dr. Dweck defined, the IUD is hooked up to a protracted set of strings, that are clean, cellular, and really skinny. When the IUD is inserted into the uterus, these strings are lower shorter however in a method that they arrive out of the cervix and into the vagina barely.

The size of these strings after they’re lower can differ based mostly on the person and the medical supplier performing the process, Dr. Dweck defined. Relying on how the strings are lower, Dr. Dweck mentioned they’ll hang around of the cervix, curve across the exterior of it, or curl up contained in the cervix canal.

“They [the strings] are merely a retrieval mechanism for when the IUD is eliminated, they usually present a simple method for one to test and ensure the IUD is in place month to month,” Dr. Dweck mentioned. So the one components of the IUD that ought to ever be capable to be “felt” are the strings.

In regard to penis-to-vagina intercourse, Dr. Dweck mentioned most companions with male intercourse organs do not feel or discover the IUD strings except they’re “pointing” out of the cervix canal at a particular angle. “Whereas there isn’t a medical hazard to a male accomplice feeling IUD strings throughout intercourse, it could be barely uncomfortable,” she defined. “The string is a smooth plastic monofilament however at instances may give a ‘poking sensation’ to a male accomplice. That is simply remedied by trimming the strings.”

Nevertheless, she mentioned sexual companions feeling IUD strings is “an virtually nonissue” together with her sufferers. Your physician will help you make the decision on in case your IUD strings have to be trimmed. And, for the file, your IUD strings ought to solely ever be trimmed by a skilled and licensed medical skilled.

It is also attainable your IUD strings could also be felt throughout finger-in-vaginal-canal intercourse, however Dr. Dweck mentioned the accomplice would actually need to strive so as to take action.

In accordance with the Mayo Clinic, an IUD that has moved can also potentially cause pain during sex, so it is essential to be aware of your signs and go to your physician when you’re experiencing discomfort throughout intercourse and you’ve got an IUD.

Once more, Dr. Dweck mentioned it is beneficial for sufferers to test for his or her IUD strings each month to verify it is nonetheless within the appropriate location. With the intention to do that, Deliberate Parenthood suggests putting your fingers into your vagina and reaching up toward the cervix — the place your IUD strings must be. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t tug on the string.

In case your strings really feel longer than normal, Dr. Dweck mentioned this might point out that your IUD has shifted place. Should you can’t really feel the strings, there’s a likelihood the IUD has fallen out or penetrated the uterine wall. Nevertheless, Dr. Dweck mentioned this incidence could be very uncommon.

In both circumstance, it is a good suggestion to go to your physician for a checkup.


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