Cruella’s Midcredits Scene Might Set Up a Darker Sequel

Cruella's Midcredits Scene Could Set Up a Darker Sequel

Disney’s Cruella provides some wild origins to the notorious 101 Dalmatians villain, nevertheless it’s the midcredits scene that actually has us scratching our heads. Within the movie, after defeating her nemesis, the Baroness, as soon as and for all, Cruella makes herself at house on the designer’s property, Hellman Corridor, which she cleverly renames Hell Corridor. Her buddy Jasper asks Cruella, “So what now?” to which she quips, “I’ve bought a couple of concepts.” That scene alone appears to tease that there’s extra of Cruella’s story left to inform, however the midcredits scene actually seals that deal.

In a short scene, we go to Roger and Anita at their respective houses as they every obtain a bundle from Cruella: a Dalmatian pet named Pongo for Roger and a Dalmatian pet named Perdita for Anita. Yep, the identical Dalmatians that finally carry Roger and Anita collectively in 101 Dalmatians! As Roger makes his method again into his residence and begins taking part in the long-lasting “Cruella de Vil” tune on the piano, the digicam pans out to indicate a darkish London sky looming as lightning strikes.

CRUELLA, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, 2021.  ph: Laurie Sparham / Disney+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

Clearly, Disney is hinting at one other movie, however about what? The ominous midcredits scene could possibly be interpreted two alternative ways. Much like Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, Disney could possibly be establishing a remake of 101 Dalmatians by which Cruella is not truly the villain. In any case, it looks like she is the one who tries to arrange Roger and Anita by gifting them each Dalmatian puppies.

On the flip aspect, the stormy skyline could possibly be hinting that darker issues are on the horizon. Maybe one other movie may showcase Cruella de Vil’s evil descent from antihero to straight-up villain. A follow-up to Cruella may even hook up with the 1996 live-action 101 Dalmatians starring Glenn Shut. In any case, Emma Stone and Shut have already expressed curiosity in reprising the character, and the concept of a Godfather II-inspired sequel to Cruella has additionally been tossed round. It is attainable one other movie may see each Stone and Shut don the long-lasting black and white wig for the last word villain story.


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