Does Zoe Die in Stowaway?

Does Zoe Die in Stowaway?

Regardless of the trailer leaning into the sci-fi horror vibe, Netflix’s Stowaway turned out to be a heart-wrenching thriller inspecting simply how far somebody will go to avoid wasting a life. However, I am not going to lie: the whole premise of Stowaway is bleak, and the ambiguous ending leaves you wanting extra.

Shortly after takeoff, the crew of a two-year mission to Mars — captain Marina Barnett (Toni Collette), biologist David Kim (Daniel Dae Kim), and medical researcher Zoe Levenson (Anna Kendrick) — uncover they have been joined by an unintentional stowaway, launch help engineer Michael Adams (Shamier Anderson). Uncertain of how he ended up unconscious on the ship and eager to go residence, Michael reveals that his final reminiscences are of making ready the Hyperion ship for takeoff.

Quickly the crew discovers that Michael’s fall via the ceiling inadvertently broken the CDRA, which scrubs the ship of carbon dioxide past restore. Because of this they’re operating out of oxygen. In addition they be taught that the ship doesn’t have sufficient gas to get them again to Earth, because of the added weight of Michael throughout takeoff.

Working via each choice, Hyperion decides one of the best ways to salvage the mission and survive is thru the dying of Michael. David explains the scenario to Michael, providing him a deadly injection in order that Michael might be the one to determine when and the way his dying occurs. On the final minute, Zoe convinces Michael to not commit suicide and tells the remainder of the crew that they’ve to try a dangerous mission to retrieve liquid oxygen from the launch car.

Simply as David and Zoe start to refill their oxygen tanks, a photo voltaic flare forces them to return to the ship and abandon one of many tanks. Zoe additionally manages to lose their full one within the course of, dooming an extra crew member, as there’s now solely sufficient oxygen for 2 folks on the ship. Regardless of the risks of radiation from the photo voltaic storm, Zoe volunteers to retrieve the opposite tank in order that the remainder of the group can survive. After efficiently retrieving the tank, Zoe sits atop the ship watching the photo voltaic storm as the consequences of the photo voltaic radiation start to take maintain.

Regardless of not really displaying her dying, Stowaway circles again to Zoe’s monologue about why she joined the mission and the way she was searching for one thing that “provides her life which means past something she might think about.” Sacrificing her life for the lives of others actually accomplishes that aim. As for the destiny of the remainder of the crew, Kendrick beforehand advised Collider that she “assumed” they survived and that “I think some of the crew makes it to Mars!” Kim additionally added that “because of the actions of a few of our crew, the remainder of the crew makes it.”

Stowaway is at present streaming on Netflix.


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