Early 2000s Halloween Costumes | CelebrityPie Love & Intercourse

Early 2000s Halloween Costumes | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

If the early 2000s needed to be described in two phrases, they must be “so raven.” They had been the years when boy bands captured the hearts of choker-wearing tween ladies, pop princesses dominated Hollywood with bared midriffs, and Disney Channel authentic motion pictures had been the height of tv greatness — so, millennial and Gen Z costume concepts are ripe for the choosing! Listed here are 38 of the best costumes impressed by the brand new millennium. If you happen to can handle to decide on a favourite from this fun-filled checklist, any 20-something who skilled life from 2000 to 2010 will love your nostalgic costume selection! Put down your Motorola Razr and take a look at these blasts from the past.

— Extra reporting by Haley Lyndes


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