Feel Good Body Acceptance and Food Freedom Flash Cards

Feel Good Body Acceptance and Food Freedom Flash Cards

Picture Supply: Courtesy of Lauren Cadillac

Lauren Cadillac, RD, CPT, calls herself the “Feel Good Dietitian” as a result of she helps her purchasers break the cycle of weight-reduction plan tradition and shift the way in which they view meals from “disgrace” to sustenance. However, she is aware of how arduous it’s to alter your mindset in terms of physique picture and each day meals, particularly if you happen to’ve persistently had a destructive relationship with each. That is why she’s providing decks of affirmation playing cards to help in that journey.

Cadillac’s Feel Good Flash Cards ($30) are set to launch on August 20, and within the deck of 54 phrases you will see phrases like “I deal with my physique with kindness,” “I give my physique permission to alter,” “consuming is an act of self-care,” and extra. She describes the color-splashed and inspiring playing cards as being for meals freedom and physique acceptance. “Food freedom means residing free from the stress and guidelines of weight-reduction plan,” she defined to POPSUGAR. She makes use of it synonymously with consuming intuitively — although one other RD we have spoken to previously maintains that intuitive consuming is a software to obtain meals freedom.

Cadillac additionally says meals freedom is outlined as “consuming in a manner that honors your physique,” or “listening to the cues it’s providing you with in an effort to make choices about what, when, and how a lot to eat or not eat. It means discovering a mode of consuming that nourishes your physique, honors your palate, and permits you the liberty to stay a life the place you’re not consumed by ideas of meals or weight.”

Cadillac recommends these playing cards are for anybody recovering from an consuming dysfunction, wanting to enhance their physique picture or outlook on meals, and wishing to reject weight-reduction plan tradition. Nevertheless, she notes that the playing cards aren’t an alternative to individualized care that certified well being professionals may give.

“The affirmations are basically the antithesis of the lies we have been bought by weight-reduction plan tradition,” Cadillac stated. “We have been bought dangerous and destructive messaging our complete lives so that somebody can promote us the answer, and due to this, most of our automated ideas are usually destructive.” Our ideas affect our perception system, which impacts our feelings and our behaviors, she famous. Her playing cards will assist “create new neural pathways to allow them to shift the automated ideas from destructive ones to extra optimistic ones.” It will, in flip, information individuals to have a extra supportive perception system.

You possibly can preorder the playing cards proper now on Cadillac’s website. She suggests studying and repeating these affirmations for 5 to 10 minutes, one to 2 instances per day — consistency is essential in an effort to see a shift from destructive to optimistic self-talk.

“As a result of we’re altering the way in which we speak to ourselves and the way in which we understand ourselves, I really consider doing this work has the facility to influence so many different areas exterior of consuming, from profession to relationships,” Cadillac stated. “If we speak to ourselves in a extra optimistic manner, the stronger our sense of self-worth can be, and we’ll have the ability to present up extra confidently for all elements of life.”


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