Free Exercise Tips And Fitness Motivation

Free Exercise Tips And Fitness Motivation
Free Exercise Tips And Fitness Motivation

Do you find exercise to be a chore? Does it seem to be difficult to keep it up? Many people start with great intentions and are determined to start off with a fitness program that is going to change their lives / health / fitness overnight. It does not happen. You know the pattern – start full of enthusiasm and then day by day the rule gets a little shorter, the effort to keep going seems harder to find.

Do not worry, everyone has exactly the same problem. We all go through just the same thing. All the exercise guru’s and fitness trainers stand there and tell you how great you are going to feel and how they are going to change your life. Then things fade off and a few months down the line you are still sitting on the couch wishing that you were like the guys you are watching on the TV.

OK. Lets try and address what’s going on here. First off, do not believe that you are alone. The vast majority of people are in the same boat and have exactly the same problems. So, you want to be healthier and feel fitter, more vibrant and generally get that energy boost that everyone seems to go on about. Does it sound like too much effort?

I would advise that first you ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. If you are short of anything in the nutritional sense then you will not feel like doing anything much. You will lack energy and not get around to even feeling like exercising. Ensure your diet includes the basic ‘5 a day’ fruit and veg, or if not take supplements. A good multivitamin daily is good. Get one that includes iron – needed for the red blood cells. You will not feel like doing anything much if you are in any way anaemic. Also vitamin b complex is good to take regularly. A brewers yeast tablet daily will supply the vitamin b’s. Extra energy can be attained by using other supplements such as Ginseng – an ancient Chinese remedy which is gaining in popularity in the Western world.

Making sure you are well balanced from the inside will help to give you a feeling of well-being which in turn will make you feel more like keeping up with a fitness program. Eat regularly, little but often, and drink plenty of water. Limit the alcohol! Right, enough of the lecturing. How can we get the body exercising?

Fitness comes from exercising the body. Its as simple as that.

Next fact; people are lazy. They do not like exercising. Sitting on a couch is easier. Doing nothing is the simplest path. Now here is the major point of all this. The way your body is built is that it will follow the easy route and settle into the easy way, otherwise convinced otherwise. Once it starts getting regular exercise it will actually begin to crave more! Your body will ask you for more exercise when it starts to feel better – it maybe a strange way to think but this is important. Listen to your own body. Give it a little teaser. Take it for a walk each night. Just half a mile down the road and back. After week give it a little extra, a brisker walk and a longer distance.

A week later, your body is saying to you that it wants a little more. You will feel like helping it. Go on, indulge it, try getting on that stepping machine. A short time a day. Turn on the TV and do it when watching your regular programs. The main thing to remember is that even after a little exercise, you body will start to ask you for more. Go along with it.

Make sure that you use different exercise machines, to add variation and interest. You’ve probably got them all – exercise bike, elliptical cross trainer, weights, rowing machine. All the things you have seen and bought before and not used. Well dust them off, and use them while you are watching your TV or DVD’s, it keeps your mind occupied while you are exercising and stops you getting bored.

Above all else, make it interesting. Use any means you can. Music, DVD’s, TV, audio cassettes, it does not matter. Plug your iPod or MP3 in. Get two machines and compete with your partner – make it a race! Or just compare distance / repetitions as recorded on the digital readouts. Do some exercise on one machine and then jump onto another. Keep changing – make a mental game of it – imagine you in a Decathlon. Do not stick to one machine. Keep changing, keep interested. Boredom is the killer in this – do not give it a chance!

So, the most important fact to digest is the one that says your body will not only accept exercise but will actually ask you for more. Start it off and your own body will beg for more. Once started this is self generating! You just have to go along with it.

Source by Mike Armstrong


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