Grand Military: Will There Be a Season 2 on Netflix?

Grand Army: Will There Be a Season 2 on Netflix?

It solely takes 9 episodes for Netflix’s Grand Military to utterly hook you, however as soon as it is over, you will be hungry for extra. The drama, which premiered on the streaming web site on Oct. 16, follows a bunch of New York Metropolis youngsters who attend the extremely aggressive public highschool in Brooklyn generally known as Grand Military. The primary season tackles systemic racism, sexual assault, worldwide adoption, sexuality, feminism, and extra as the scholars struggle to succeed, survive, and management their future in an ever-changing world.

Loosely based mostly on Slut: The Play, written by showrunner and theater educator Katie Cappiello, Grand Military is harking back to reveals like Euphoria and Degrassi, delving deep into the world of the brand new technology and all of the methods they’ll damage themselves and one another as they attempt to make sense of the world round them. Within the remaining episodes of the season, we witness college students stage a sit-in in opposition to in-school racism, Dominique (Odley Jean) reaches an understanding together with her household and asks John (Alphonso Romero Jones II) to promenade, Joey Del Marco (Odessa A’zion) finds a second of peace after her sexual assault, Leila (Amalia Yoo) orchestrates a bomb scare, Siddhartha (Amir Bageria) will get his acceptance to Harvard and acts on his emotions for Victor (August Blanco Rosenstein), and Tim (Thelonius Serrell-Freed) reveals that he lied to the police and that Luke (Brian Altemus) and George (Anthony Ippolito) are responsible of raping Joey.

With so many unfastened threads left, we’re positively searching for extra episodes. How will the college react to Leila’s faux bomb menace when she’s uncovered? Will Tim admit to the police that he lied about Joey’s sexual assault? Will Dominque’s household have the ability to get again on their toes after their obstacles? And can Sid and Victor have the ability to love one another publicly?! Netflix hasn’t renewed the sequence for a second season but, however we now have approach too many questions for it to not. Your transfer, Netflix!


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