Hair Loss Can Be a Lingering Symptom of COVID-19

Hair Loss Can Be a Lingering Symptom of COVID-19

With coronavirus instances in lots of components of the nation rising once more, the pandemic continues to be very a lot prime of thoughts. Each day we’re studying new details about the virus, like that hair loss will be a lingering symptom in survivors. In response to At and a survey of greater than 1,500 folks within the Survivor Corp Fb group, 27 p.c of sufferers recovering from COVID-19 report hair loss as an on-going downside — that is greater than a quarter of survivors.

This residual symptom of the virus is because of telogen effluvium, and based on Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School, will be triggered by surgical procedure, main bodily trauma, physiological stress, sickness, excessive weight reduction, some medicines, and extra.

“As a result of hairs that enter the telogen part relaxation in place for 2 to 4 months earlier than falling out, you could not discover any hair loss till two to 4 months after the occasion that triggered the issue,” reads the Harvard Medical Faculty article. “Telogen effluvium hardly ever lasts longer than six months, though some instances last more.”

Whereas this COVID-19 restoration symptom is just non permanent and mustn’t result in a long-term situation, it’s best to go to your physician in case you’re involved about your sudden hair loss, in addition to observe a nutritious diet and attempt to hold your stress ranges down. (Which we acknowledge is less complicated stated than executed throughout this time.)


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