Is It Protected to Pierce Your Personal Ears? This is What to Know

Is It Safe to Pierce Your Own Ears? Here's What to Know

The scene in The Guardian Lure by which Hallie makes use of an ice dice, a chunk of fruit, and a needle to pierce Annie’s ears will perpetually be burnt into my thoughts. Not simply because it traumatized me after I first noticed it within the early 2000s, however as a result of years later in highschool, a lot of my associates would go on to make use of the identical DIY technique at sleepovers. I keep in mind sitting there considering, This can’t be secure or sanitary — and spoiler: it is not.

There are various magnificence remedies that may be safely carried out at dwelling, like manicures, pedicures, self-tanning, and even the occasional hair trim and root touch-up. Piercings, however, are primary on the listing of issues you shouldn’t do your self. However with completely different states and international locations transferring out and in of stay-at-home orders for a majority of 2020 and now 2021, searches for issues like “is it secure to pierce your personal ears?” and “learn how to pierce ears at dwelling” have spiked 400 p.c within the final 12 months in the US and 500 p.c in the UK.

“Attempting to pierce your self at dwelling, with out correct tools and well being and security measures, is extraordinarily harmful,” mentioned Daena Borrowman from Jewellerybox within the UK. “I perceive that many individuals are choosing DIY magnificence strategies, however many would think about DIY piercings as one step too far.”

“I perceive that many individuals are choosing DIY magnificence strategies, however many would think about DIY piercings as one step too far.”

There are a number of dangers you could expose your self to in the event you try and pierce your ears at dwelling, with an infection being the worst-case situation. “For those who’re not cautious you possibly can shatter cartilage on influence, which may depart you with irreversible lumps and elevated probability of jewellery rejection,” Borrowman mentioned. That bump is named a keloid, which is fabricated from fibrous tissue and is tough to eliminate. “Not solely this, however your piercing can find yourself uneven,” she added.

Regardless of if it is your ears, stomach button, or septum, you need to all the time see knowledgeable piercer to keep away from an infection, harm, and errors. In any case, it isn’t such as you’re experimenting with make-up that may be taken off on the finish of the day or hair that can develop again quickly — a piercing is a semipermanent gap in your physique.

“It’s all the time higher to go to an skilled and certified piercer to get the most secure and greatest expertise total,” Borrowman mentioned. If you are going to do it anyway, be certain on the very least you will have the suitable instruments. “To be secure, you’ll not less than want sterilizing tools and liquids, the skilled needles, the suitable sort of jewellery, and gloves.” And depart the fruit slices within the kitchen.


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