Is Water Retention Throughout PMS Regular?

Is Water Retention During PMS Normal?

If I neglect to open up my Flo app, I can all the time rely on my bloating and non permanent weight acquire to remind me that my interval is about to reach. I have been coping with these bodily signs for years, but it surely wasn’t till just lately that I discovered what’s doubtless behind their presence: water retention.

In line with Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG, a board-certified ob-gyn and sexual and reproductive well being knowledgeable for Intimina, an organization that makes intimate well being merchandise, water retention is a quite common PMS symptom, however one that’s quick lived and often resolves when your interval begins. And like different interval signs, adjustments in your hormones — particularly progesterone — could also be accountable.

Dr. Dweck additionally added that elevated salt consumption and sedentary habits throughout the week of PMS may also contribute towards this symptom.

Along with non permanent weight acquire and uncomfortable bloating, water retention, additionally generally known as fluid retention, may also contribute towards edema (or swelling) of the physique. Throughout PMS, this is said to usually appear in the hands or feet. (As I kind this, I am actually taking off my engagement ring as a result of it is feeling a tad tighter than typical, and I am anticipating my interval any day now.)

In line with an article revealed by Flo and Andrei Marhol, MD, PhD, a major care doctor, this water retention throughout PMS might also cause bags to appear under the eyes.

So what are you able to do to curb the discomfort?

Whereas water retention tends to resolve itself when your interval begins, Dr. Dweck stated that avoiding extra salt in your weight loss plan, exercising, and growing your water consumption could also be useful.

Taraneh Shirazian, MD, a gynecologist at NYU Langone Well being, stated sure hormonal contraception strategies, just like the capsule and IUDs, might also help in soothing or minimizing month-to-month PMS signs. “A number of the hormonal strategies allow you to skip that pure means of your hormones growing after which dropping the entire sudden and creating the physique’s response of bloating, PMS, and fluid retention,” she stated.

As with every PMS symptom, it is essential to talk along with your physician in case your water retention is impacting your each day life or when you have any considerations. “Any water retention that’s extreme, persistent, or worsening, or related to shortness of breath, ought to be seemed into,” Dr. Dweck added.


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