Joe Holder’s 19-Minute Exercise Snack HIIT Workout

Joe Holder's 19-Minute Exercise Snack HIIT Workout

Joe Holder, Nike coach, NASM-PES, has been speaking about train snacks for years. Basically, an train snack is about fast, environment friendly, and efficient exercises and never spending hours doing random workout routines and coaching with none actual steerage or function. The exercises and motion periods he is created are actually snacks in your physique — quick and candy — serving to you progress and really feel higher.

Holder lately shared a “high-intensity burner” on Instagram, which is sweet for cardiovascular well being and conditioning and muscular endurance, he defined in his caption, and it appears to be like INTENSE. The exercise solely takes 19 minutes to finish, and can have you feeling challenged and powerful when you’re completed.

Joe Holder’s 19-Minute Excessive-Depth Workout

Earlier than getting began, Holder stated to finish a five-minute warmup (he demonstrates it within the video). After the warmup, it is time to work. The exercise is completed in circuit fashion, that means you may repeat every transfer within the designated circuit for 30 seconds, taking little to no relaxation in between every transfer, for a complete of three rounds. After you full a circuit, take one minute of relaxation earlier than advancing to the next circuit. Remember to chill down as soon as you have completed the exercise.

  • Circuit 1, train 1: linear acceleration: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 1, train 2: drop squat: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 2, train 1: plyo leaping jack: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 2, train 2: skier: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 3, train 1: step again to explosive knee drive: 30 seconds (15 seconds every leg)
  • Circuit 3, train 2: excessive knees: 30 seconds


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