Kelsey Wells Again and Shoulder Exercise Band and Dumbbells

Kelsey Wells Back and Shoulder Workout Band and Dumbbells

In terms of higher physique day on the gymnasium, most individuals deal with bicep curls and triceps dips to strengthen and tone your arms, however it’s additionally vital to not neglect your again and shoulders. Kelsey Wells, a NASM-certified coach and creator of the gym-based PWR applications on the SWEAT app, created this again and shoulders exercise for CelebrityPie to extend energy and construct lean muscle mass within the higher physique.

This exercise is impressed by the launch of Wells’s PWR 5.0 program, which incorporates entry to a complete of 54 weeks of exercises tailor-made for the gymnasium. “The newest weeks added to my gym-based PWR program will present ladies who’ve been exercising commonly and coaching with me for a while model new exercises to assist them proceed to construct energy and stage up their coaching,” Wells advised CelebrityPie.

For this exercise, you may want a resistance band (long elastic bands are splendid), and a set of dumbbells. Wells stated if you do not have dumbbells you need to use water bottles or one thing with an analogous weight so as to add resistance. So filter out some area, both at residence or on the gymnasium, and prepare to work!

Kelsey Wells’s Again and Shoulders Exercise With Resistance Band and Dumbbells

Gear wanted: Resistance band and medium dumbbells

Warmup: Heat up with three to 5 minutes of cardio, resembling strolling or jogging in place, to extend your coronary heart price and assist heat up your muscle tissues in your exercise. After your cardio warmup, comply with with dynamic stretches resembling leg swings, arm circles, and torso twists to extend your vary of movement and scale back threat of damage.

Cooldown: Calm down after your exercise with three to 5 minutes of strolling
to decrease your coronary heart price. Wells additionally suggests ending your cooldown with some static stretches the place you maintain a single place for twenty seconds or longer to extend flexibility, vary of movement, and assist scale back soreness and threat of damage.


  • Activation: Full the primary two workout routines — resistance band pull-apart for 10 reps then sprawl for 30 reps — back-to-back for 4 minutes, then relaxation for 30 seconds.
  • Pyramid: Full a pyramid of dumbbell shoulder presses, beginning with 12 reps, then resting for 30 seconds, then 10 reps, then relaxation for 30 seconds, then 8 reps, then relaxation for 30 seconds, then 6 reps, then relaxation for 30 seconds. Full 4 laps via.
  • Superset: Full a superset of two workout routines — dumbbell facet to entrance elevate for 12 reps then dumbbell bent-over row for 12 reps — for 3 laps via. Then relaxation for 30 seconds.
  • Whole exercise time: Exercise ought to take 20-25 minutes.
Train Reps
Band Pull Aside 10 reps
Sprawl 30 reps
After 4 minutes, relaxation for 30 seconds
Shoulder Press 12 reps
Relaxation 30 seconds
Shoulder Press 10 reps
Relaxation 30 seconds
Shoulder Press 8 reps
Relaxation 30 seconds
Shoulder Press 6 reps
Relaxation 30 seconds
Facet to Entrance Elevate 12 reps
Bent-Over Row 12 reps
Relaxation 30 seconds


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