Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship

Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship
Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship

Have you ever felt that the whole life is against you? Now, you realized that you are stuck in a toxic relationship and you feel angry and frustrated about what to do. Life is so unfair …

That’s right. You feel like a victim of your life choices. I am sure that you are looking for a solution to get out of this confusing, hurtful situation.

You feel like a victim in your painful life. So, you must have a history of painful memories, beliefs, and emotions. You carry them all your life. Unfortunately, you are unaware of them as they stay on a deep unconscious level of your mind. This is haunting your mind and it is draining your life force energy. You cannot function and this makes you make more bad relationship choices as well.

Your mind works like a computer. It stores all data from your life. That is why, this bad, toxic data works like a parasitic virus in your mind. People claim that we need to wait a period of time to let go of all pain. Can you persuade computer virus to go away if you are pleasing enough ?! I don’t think so.

You have this in your system. It gives you a message about who you are, where you come from and how your life should look like. This parasite can hijack your mind and triggers you to feel and behave in a specified way. That’s why you may attract toxic relationships as you, your mother and grandmother did it before.

Can you see it now? You may realize that you hold those issues. Then, your current situation is not promising and you feel and think of yourself as a victim! It is pathetic and far away from being successful and happy, right?

People tend to believe that toxic situations teach us something. We learn how to avoid making the same mistakes again. We hear from others “please, make better relationship choice next time”. They persuade you to believe in the same statement and you accepted it. Now, you try to control the situation to control your life.

You try to change the outside world but the inside stay untouched. It still affects you how you think about yourself and what kind of relationship choices you make and how people treat you.

You decide when you are ready to take a challenge and face your painful life history. To the contrary, you may keep denying that your painful background never happened. Those problems will be there with you and they will hijack your present and future relationships.

Remember that you can stop a victim cycle.

Source by Iga Wisniewska


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