Love Yourself More – Getting Out of Toxic Relationship

Love Yourself More - Getting Out of Toxic Relationship
Love Yourself More - Getting Out of Toxic Relationship

Nothing in this world seems to matter especially when you care not. Yes, there are things need to face everyday like pampering yourself before going outside and meet people whom you do not care much. But, you need to feign they make you smile and you are okay with those who do not even give you a look or glance.

Being invisible to some means liberty of you from not in contact with them. No communication, nada, nothing. Yes, you sometimes think that you have done wrong or they have had some issues with you and sans giving you even a single hint about it.

You can’t do reading of the mind, especially to those who are living double-life. Yap, so dangerous to be around someone you did not know about then and here right now feigning to be your ally. As if you were the precious ware in an old shop and he has bought you for a song.

And this could lead to some horrible things later. Perhaps they have some plans to you and so you are now at their mercy. Putting you in a difficult situation can really make you think that you have committed a very big mistake of giving them a chance become part of your existence though making you confused and fearful and hopeless sometimes.

Yes, this kind of feeling must be totally cut off from your seemingly insecure mind but before doing such why not think first of a good way to deal with this situation; you might see some wisdom which could lead to more exciting relationship later.

Am not telling you to stay long for this kind of relationship, but the opposite of it. However, before taking the plunge so as to avoid trouble brewing or what, what matters most is your sanity be intact. Knowing a way out from this means you care about yourself, you love yourself and you do things to preserve your self-respect, honor, integrity and all that.

Being in an abusive relationship makes you think you are incompetent to get out hence giving you self-pity and oftentimes blaming others for it. Well, there is nothing difficult than knowing there’s a problem and not taking any action which could solve or help you out of the misery. It is your call to break free from an abusive relationship, toxic and energy draining vampires. It just takes your “no for a no” and mean it well.

Source by Larry Icabandi Nabiong


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