Lucifer Season 4 Recap Video

Lucifer Season 4 Recap Video

It has been some time since Lucifans visited Lux, however that’ll change when Netflix premieres the extremely anticipated season 5 of Lucifer on Aug. 21. However earlier than we are able to dive again into the supernatural hijinks of Silver Metropolis’s most rebellious runaways and their favourite people, it is pertinent that we bear in mind what led us to the upcoming season. The video covers all the things from Chloe’s response to Lucifer revealing his true face to Eve’s reappearance in Lucifer’s life, Maze falling for Eve, the start of Amenadiel and Linda’s child boy, and all of the drama with Kinley. It is a miracle they managed to suit all 10 episodes in such a brief video!

Lucifer season 5 picks up after the fallen angel leaves his discovered residence in Los Angeles to return to his throne in Hell. As a substitute of Luci making his grand return, his twin brother, Michael, enters the image below the guise of being his brother. There is no telling how lengthy Michael performs the position of his brother, however when Lucifer lastly makes his approach again topside, it is from a contented reunion. Watch the recap earlier than the primary half of season 5’s 16 episodes arrives on Aug. 21!


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