Marvel’s Eternals: Meet Ikaris, Performed by Richard Madden

Marvel's Eternals: Meet Ikaris, Played by Richard Madden

The newest trailer for The Eternals lastly provides us a much-anticipated sneak peek at Richard Madden’s dreamy Ikaris. Whereas there’s solely a lot we are able to glean from a two-minute preview, we do study that the Marvel Cinematic Universe model of Ikaris has cherished Sersi (Gemma Chan) all through time and that he thinks that he can lead the Avengers. So what else will we learn about Ikaris? Hold studying for extra background on his godly powers and origins within the Marvel comics.

To this point, the film model of Ikaris has been billed as the tactical leader of the Eternals in addition to their strongest asset once they battle in opposition to their enemies, the Deviants. According to, he harnesses “unbelievable energy, flight, and the power to challenge beams of intense cosmic power from his eyes.” The comedian iteration of Ikaris boasts related presents as properly. Like his fellow Eternals, who’re primarily superhuman alien immortals created by the Celestials, Ikaris can wield cosmic power and management his molecular construction, making him immune to disease, aging, and extreme temperatures. He is additionally mentioned to be the quickest flier of all of the Eternals and might manifest the Blue Flame, an power that permits him to reshape the bodily types of Eternals, people, and Deviants right into a bodily entity known as a Uni-Thoughts.

Ikaris beforehand lived in a metropolis known as Polaria, the place the Polar Eternals resided. A 3rd-generation Everlasting, he was born roughly 20,000 years ago. He is identified for guiding a bunch of refugees on an ark to search out security (sure, like within the story of Noah’s Ark) and for combating the Deviants for hundreds of years. He is even had a son with a human woman, though his son did not inherit his powers. His son, additionally named Ikaris, created a flying machine to search out the elder Ikaris, however he flew too near the solar, which burned his contraption and catapulted him into the ocean. If that sounds acquainted, it ought to remind you of the Greek delusion of Icarus, the person who flew too near the solar.

Suffice to say, there’s an entire lot of backstory that the MCU can dig into for Madden’s Ikaris — it’s going to be thrilling to see how his character unfolds on the large display screen!


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