Push-Ups Off of Your Knees Booty-Band Hack From a Coach

Push-Ups Off of Your Knees Booty-Band Hack From a Trainer


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Push-ups are arduous — they require you to construct core and upper-body power in spite of everything — and whereas there are many strikes you are able to do to grasp a full push-up, licensed practical power coach Kara Lennon has a easy hack that can assist you do the train in your toes versus your knees. All you want is a booty band.

Within the TikTok above, Lennon directs you to put a booty band round your arms (simply above your elbows), after which carry out a push-up out of your toes. She defined within the feedback part that the resistance of the band assists your chest again up and relieves a number of the weight out of your core. Moreover, she advised beginning with a heavy resistance and dealing your method to a lighter one. The thought is to progress to doing push-ups with out the band and to extend your reps as you utilize a lighter resistance.

“Regressions (or modifications) assist lower the demand (or load) of a motion so you are able to do what you are doing safely and appropriately,” Lennon informed CelebrityPie. “The band helps help the physique by lowering the load within the backside place, making it simpler to push the physique again as much as a plank. So it is about power and type.”

Together with your shoulders over your wrists, have your arms in a letter “A” form, which Lennon mentioned in a follow-up video is the best way to do basic push-ups when you’re in the learning process. Screw your palms into the ground to fireside up your lat muscle tissues, and be sure to are partaking your core (you are able to do that by squeezing one thing between your knees).

When you nonetheless cannot carry out a push-up off of your knees with this hack, Lennon additionally suggested pairing the hack with incline push-ups and inserting your palms on a mattress, a stair, or a sofa. Whereas you should purchase these bands on Amazon, Sling Shot makes bands particularly to help with push-ups. Lennon mentioned she prefers rubber booty bands as a result of, in her opinion, they’ve extra give to them.

“Push-ups are probably the greatest confidence-building workout routines,” Lennon informed CelebrityPie. “There’s one thing actually empowering about realizing you are able to do a push-up, and that is why I began doing them myself. I was the coach who could not do one, and it is as a result of I by no means practiced.” Good luck, and hold training!


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