Six-Pack Diet Tips For Your Abs Fitness Program

Six Pack Diet Tips For Your Abs Fitness Program
Six Pack Diet Tips For Your Abs Fitness Program

If you have started an abs fitness program to get flat abs, you probably know by now that diet, ie meal plan forms half the part of the puzzle. The other half, of course, is your training regimen.

In order to see significant results of your workout routine, it is imperative that you incorporated sensible eating habits as part of your meal plan. Adopting an eat This not attitude will quickly propel you into successful territory.

So, let’s take a look at some of the food items that you must incorporate as part of a six pack diet

1) Complex carbs: Cutting out carbs and going on a no-carb diet is sooooo old. By all means, cut out all processed, refined carbs like refined flour and white sugar. However, carbs from whole grains, fruits and vegetables should not be cut out. These type of carbs are used by the body for energy. In addition, all of these contain copious amounts of fiber, which help to keep you full as well as keep the digestive system healthy.

2) Up your intake of proteins: Apart from poultry and meat, look for cereals that contain at least 9 grams of protein. Substitue greek yogurt for regular yogurt. A single serving of nonfat greek yogurt contains approximately 18 grams of protein. Protein helps you to recover from your workouts as well as keeps you full longer.

3) Incorporate healthy fats: This does not mean to eat french fries at random. Things like avocados, “fatty” fish like salmon, and nuts, especially walnuts and almonds are great sources of heart healthy fats. Use them to your advantage.

Source by Amy Morrison


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