Soiled Blond Hair Colour Concepts and Inspiration

Dirty Blond Hair Color Ideas and Inspiration

Platinum, icy, sandy, honey, strawberry — the listing of blond hair coloration variations go on and on, however “soiled blond” is by far one of the crucial widespread. It is the shade typically related to surfers and beach-goers who’ve sun-kissed highlights from hours spent within the water.

The soiled blond coloration mixes mild brown and blond hues to create a medium hair coloration that is tremendous natural-looking and simpler to keep up than a brighter coloration, corresponding to platinum or icy blond. Each those that are current blonds, and brunettes trying to dye their hair blond, are a superb match for the effortless-looking coloration. It may be achieved by lightening the general hair coloration (if you happen to’re a brunette) or including cooler brown tones into your hair if it is already mild.

As summer time quick approaches, the soiled blond hue is a superb choice for anybody searching for one thing with little or no upkeep. Like with all blond hair colours, you should utilize a purple shampoo to assist cancel out any brassy-orange tones that develop within the coloration however it’s going to want far fewer touch-ups {and professional} firming therapies than a platinum hue.

Forward discover extra soiled blond hair inspiration to take to your stylist.


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