The Amber Ruffin Present Section on Announcing Kamala Harris

The Amber Ruffin Show Segment on Pronouncing Kamala Harris

Regardless of what GOP Sen. David Perdue might claim, it is not tough to pronounce Kamala Harris’s title. Amber Ruffin reminded everybody of that reality throughout a current phase on her late-night present, when she wrapped up her monologue by going by different seemingly “tough” names that white folks appear to have no hassle saying: Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Emily Ratajkowski, and extra.

Ruffin calls the refusal to be taught the Democratic VP nominee’s title what it truly is: an act of racism. This deliberate ignorance is all too acquainted for POC — particularly Black folks — and Ruffin notes that the Black neighborhood takes nice satisfaction of their names. They are a image of freedom and energy. “We created names that refill your lungs, your chest, and your entire mouth once you say them out loud,” Ruffin mentioned. “So repair your mouth and say it proper.” Watch the highly effective clip, beginning at 7:37, above. “That is the Amber Ruffin Present, and do not you neglect it.”


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