The Boys: Everything to Know About Compound V and Superheros

The Boys: Everything to Know About Compound V and Superheros

The huge thriller of The Boys season one surrounds the steroid-like chemical substance, Compound V. The first eight episodes of the season present the Boys attempting to unravel the fundamentals of the drug, like the place it is coming from, what it does, and how they will get their palms on sufficient to deliver down the company monster that’s Vought Worldwide. They uncover that the mysterious Compound V was created inside Vought and is used to create super-powered folks, shatter the Vought-pushed idea that each one superheroes are born with their talents.

However in season two, the Boys dig deeper into the background of Compound V and study there’s a lot extra to the machinations of Vought than they ever anticipated. Hold studying for every thing we have realized about Compound V, the place it may take our Boys over the season, and the way it differs from the substance within the comics.

Who Created Compound V?

As Stan Edgar explains to Homelander within the first episode of the second season, Compound V was created by Frederick Vought, the founding father of Vought Worldwide. He acquired his doctorate in genetics in Munich and was recruited by Hitler in 1939 to be the chief doctor at Dachau, the place he examined the earliest variations of the drug on human topics. He was “spirited away” by the Allies in 1944, the place he continued perfecting Compound V which resulted in supers like the primary Soldier Boy, incomes him a pardon from President Roosevelt.

What Does Compound V Do to People?

Vought has used Compound V to flip unusual people into Supes for the reason that days of Nazi Germany. The trendy course of begins when the topic is an toddler. In season one, Mom’s Milk discovers {that a} Vought-bankrolled charity referred to as Samaritan’s Embrace has been transport Compound V to American hospitals claiming that the chemical is the polio vaccine. Starlight’s mom defined how Vought additionally approaches dad and mom with the promise of cash and future stardom to acquire permission to inject their infants.

What Does Compound V Do to Supes?

Although the substance is professionally meant to give people extraordinary talents, Supes use it recreationally. Like A-Practice in season one, most Supes use Compound V (illegally) to improve their talents whereas additionally getting excessive. A-Practice can transcend his common max velocity and his therapeutic issue is elevated thanks to Compound V. However when used too typically, there are huge unwanted effects like unstable energy (A-Practice finds himself unable to pull again his velocity, which is why he cannot cease himself from working by means of Hughie’s late girlfriend Robin Ward). It additionally causes paranoia, bone density issues, and coronary heart assaults.

THE BOYS, Jessie T. Usher, You Found Me, (Season 1, ep. 108, aired July 26. 2019). photo: Jan Thijs / Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

Can Compound V Kill Individuals?

It is alluded that when given to adults, it is riskier and the casualty fee is far increased, therefore the frequent use of infants.

Can Superheros Be Born?

Although Compound V is claimed to be the one manner Supes get their powers, within the closing episode of season one, we study that folks can be born with powers. The season ends with Homelander and Butcher discovering Becca, who has been thought to be useless when she disappeared after the Supe raped her. The finale reveals that Becca had a son from the assault and when he sees Homelander, his eyes gentle up similar to the older man’s do when he is about to use his laser imaginative and prescient. This means that Supes can sire (and possibly give delivery to) different Supes.

How Do Supes Get Their Powers?

The superhuman talents that Supes get from Compound V are seemingly random. All of them get the usual tremendous power and sturdiness, however every thing else is up to likelihood.

Compound V within the Comics

Within the unique story, Compound V was created by Jonah Vogelbaum who additionally made and “raised” Homelander, appearing as his pseudo-father. Jonah was a Jewish scientist who, like his TV counterpart, initially supposed to create tremendous troopers for the Third Reich. Not like Frederick, Jonah escaped to America with the assistance of the already established Vought out of worry for his life. The solely Supes who got a pure dose of Compound V are the Seven, with different Supes injected with a much less pure focus as a result of it was too pricey. It is revealed that one injection prices $19 billion and can improve a person briefly. However, like most medication, the consequences of mentioned injections will be unpredictable and lead to most cancers, coronary heart illness, or mind harm.

An enormous distinction within the comics if that Butcher and the Boys recurrently inject themselves with Compound V to battle Supes. Within the TV collection, the gang usually makes use of underhanded ways and numerous weapons to go toe-to-toe with the super-powered.


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