The Vow: What Is the DOS Group in NXIVM?

The Vow: What Is the DOS Group in NXIVM?

As new HBO docuseries The Vow reveals, the firm NXIVM had been recognized in well-to-do and movie star circles for its personal-development packages and rituals. Now, it is maybe greatest acknowledged for its affiliation with DOS, a sex-slave cult revolving round NXIVM founder Keith Raniere. Lots of the ladies who joined DOS have been below the impression that it could be a sisterhood for girls’s empowerment. As a substitute, they discovered themselves forcibly branded and coerced into having intercourse with Raniere.

A secret society inside NXIVM, DOS was an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “dominus obsequious sororium,” which roughly interprets to “grasp of the obedient feminine companions.” Information of DOS first broke extensively in October 2017, when The New York Instances launched an exposé about the group’s actions. Girls invited to affix DOS have been required to show over collateral, together with nude pictures. These may very well be used in opposition to members ought to they threaten to go away or inform anybody about DOS. Once they took a lifetime vow to DOS, ladies have been stripped bare, blindfolded, then branded with a symbol that combined “KR” and “AM,” the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack — the Smallville actress was Raniere’s second-in-command.

In the group, “masters” recruited “slaves,” who became masters in the event that they introduced in extra individuals. DOS focused rich and well-to-do ladies, together with celebrities. Slaves have been subjected to pressured fasting or bodily punishment once they did not promptly obey orders, corresponding to usually texting their masters. Mack was a distinguished recruiter, accused of targeting groups such as college sororities. She additionally took credit score for the branding ritual.

DOS was a pyramid-style means for Raniere to construct a harem of girls. In a den in upstate New York, Raniere coerced ladies to have intercourse with him, and he was the solely male member of DOS. He dictated what women ate as well as whom they saw. DOS even locked one girl inside of a room for two years when Raniere caught wind that she’d grow to be concerned with one other man.

Shortly after the exposé was printed, the Division of Justice investigated NXIVM and its actions. A whole bunch of individuals left NXIVM following information of the pressured branding. Raniere was arrested in his Mexican villa in March 2018. Shortly after, NXIVM and DOS ceased operations. Together with top-ranking DOS conspirators (Mack included), Raniere has been found guilty of all his charges, together with intercourse trafficking, pressured labor conspiracy, human trafficking, and a number of counts of racketeering. He presently awaits sentencing.


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