The whole lot to Know About Getting a Rook Piercing

Everything to Know About Getting a Rook Piercing

As of late, there are such a lot of areas of the ear appropriate for fashionable piercings that selecting the place to get your subsequent (or first!) one generally is a huge job. Your cartilage consists of a number of areas — 12 to be actual — which can be prime actual property for piercings. For instance, there’s the tragus piercing that sits on the small flap in your inside ear that is closest to the ear canal; the helix piercing, which is often positioned on the outer cartilage; the conch piercing, which works by means of the inside again a part of your ear; and the commercial piercing, during which a bar is pierced by means of two completely different factors on the ear.

Whereas the aforementioned types are nice, rook piercings are an oft-forgotten piercing placement which can be simply as distinctive because the others. Within the occasion that you just’re attempting to resolve on the place to get your subsequent piece of bijou, we spoke to knowledgeable piercer to get the main points on the whole lot you must know earlier than getting a rook piercing.


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