Therapist Psychological Well being TikTok “Deal with Your self Like a Plant”

Therapist Mental Health TikTok


Ethical of the story: deal with your self like a plant #mentalhealthmatters #blacktherapist #wellness #support#takecareofyou #selflove #selfcare remedy

♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

Here is a fast and useful message about supporting your psychological well being from @my_destanation. “You can’t hate your self into happiness. You can’t belittle your self into confidence.” She added you could’t criticize your self into development as a result of actual change requires self-love and self-compassion.

For a visible, she stated to think about your self like a plant. So as to thrive, it is advisable to deal with your self with the care and a focus you deserve. In case you deprive vegetation of solar or water, injury their leaves, or knock over their pot, how can they develop? So she stated, “why will we count on people to thrive in horrible circumstances like belittling, criticizing, and hating?” They can not! So deal with your self like a fragile plant, and nurture your soul with self-love.


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