WandaVision: Who Is the “Cliff” That Jimmy Calls?

WandaVision: Who Is the

Throughout one of many lighter moments of the WandaVision finale, Jimmy Woo pulls one over on Director Hayward and manages to sneak a cellular phone to name for backup. The man he calls is just known as “Cliff,” and though it appears like only a throwaway line, there’s additionally a chance that it is hinting at a comics character but to return.

A personality named Cliff Randal performs a small however essential function within the comics — particularly, as a part of Nick Fury’s storyline. In a problem from the Nineteen Sixties, Fury encounters an alien race known as the Collective Intelligence, whose survivors have been compelled to flee their dwelling and wound up on Earth. Whereas a few of these aliens remained hidden, others disguised themselves as people, together with one who goes by the title Cliff Randal. Over time, Cliff turns into really fairly hooked up to his adopted dwelling planet; he even begins working for SHIELD! Finally, he learns that the remainder of his species on Earth plan to make use of an asteroid to destroy the planet and create sufficient energy to get themselves dwelling by means of a dimensional portal. As a substitute of letting this occur, he sabotages the Collective Intelligence and wipes out the remainder of his personal species to guard the Earth and its folks.

So what does all this must do with the upcoming Marvel TV exhibits and flicks? Probably, nothing, however Cliff Randal’s connection to Nick Fury has us pausing for a second. Fury is ready to guide Secret Invasion, one other upcoming Disney+ Marvel present primarily based on a comics storyline about — anticipate it — an alien species infiltrating the Earth by disguising themselves as people. Within the comics, these villainous aliens are the Skrull, however we have already met Skrulls within the Marvel film universe, and thus far, they’re the nice guys; one even exhibits up within the midcredits scene for WandaVision to recruit Monica to work with Fury! If Secret Invasion nonetheless wants a shape-shifting alien race to go up towards, the Collective Intelligence could be a chance. The draw back to this idea? The official description for Secret Invasion, as per TVLine, specifically names the Skrulls: “A sect of Skrulls… have infiltrated all facets of life on Earth.”

We have gotten used to choosing aside each Marvel property for hints at future tales — maybe even too used to it. It is solely potential that “Cliff” is only a random title or is a random character onscreen who was named in homage to a minor comics character. Nonetheless, it is simply as potential that this could possibly be an Easter egg for the longer term — solely time will inform.


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