Watch Brie Larson Do a 1-Arm Push-Up

Watch Brie Larson Do a 1-Arm Push-Up

There goes my jaw dropping to the ground once more. Brie Larson is every kind of sturdy, posting movies of herself doing one-arm pull-ups, doing a pull-up maintain with a *weighted chain*, and casually holding a pull-up for a full minute. NBD. Nicely, she’s achieved new Captain Marvel energy with this video the place she carried out a one-arm push-up, after her coach Jason Walsh mentioned, “Let’s get it!” And with a breath in and a breath out, she nailed it.

As if that wasn’t spectacular sufficient, you possibly can hear Walsh saying within the background to go for a second rep, after which a 3rd. Larson completely crushed it! The smile on her face and the little celebratory hip dance on the finish proved how proud she was, however she made it look really easy. Thanks for the inspiration!

If you happen to’re nonetheless a push-up beginner, that is OK! Everybody begins as a newbie, so work on these seven strengthening workouts so you possibly can grasp push-ups, too.


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