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The opposite night time, whereas laying in my mattress and coping with a horrible bout of heartburn (maybe triggered by my additional giant order of Previous Bay fries), I spotted I had no thought what was bodily happening in my physique to trigger the discomfort.

“Heartburn is brought on by digestive acid out of your abdomen that strikes up into your esophagus after you swallow meals or liquid,” Dr. Elmer Chang, a gastroenterologist with Mission Hospital in Southern California, says.

“My sufferers with heartburn describe it starting with a burning sensation within the higher stomach that then travels up into the chest. You might also have a bitter style behind your mouth.”

You have in all probability heard somebody, apart from me, complain of heartburn — many individuals expertise this discomfort sometimes.

“The excellent news is that heartburn can sometimes be handled at house with over-the-counter drugs akin to antacids and acid blockers,” Dr. Chang provides.

It is crucial to notice that heartburn is definitely a symptom that may be skilled in numerous circumstances, Dr. Chang says, akin to acid reflux disorder or GERD. For those who’re experiencing extreme heartburn regularly, or in case you have any considerations in any respect, it’s best to converse to your physician.

“Heartburn is the commonest symptom of GERD. If left untreated, GERD can scar your esophagus and probably injury your enamel,” Dr. Chang explains.

As for a way I can scale back my probabilities of feeling that late-night heartburn once more? (As a reminder, I downed French fries, after which instantly went to mattress.)

Based on Dr. Adam Goodman, MD, part chief of gastroenterology at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn, it’s “really helpful to keep away from assuming a supine place after meals and avoiding meals 2-3 hours earlier than bedtime. This could scale back reflux of a latest meal into the esophagus resulting in signs.”

I am additionally going to bear in mind Dr. Goodman’s checklist of meals which can be recognized to set off heartburn: “spicy meals, tomato sauce, citrus fruits, excessive fats meals, chocolate, caffeine, carbonated drinks and peppermint.”
Guess glowing water should not make my night time stand both.

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