What Causes Your IT Band to Be Tight?

What Causes Your IT Band to Be Tight?

The IT band: for those who run, cycle, or do just about any train together with your legs, likelihood is you’ve got heard of it, and never as a result of it was making your exercise extra snug. Folks sometimes solely study their IT band when it is inflicting them ache. So, what causes this in any other case elusive a part of your physique to really feel tight and wreak havoc in your exercises? CelebrityPie requested two consultants.

“The IT band, or iliotibial, is a thick bunch of fibers positioned on the facet of the leg that runs from the highest of your hip, alongside the surface of the thigh and knee, and connects to the shinbone,” Jess King, an NASM-certified corrective train specialist and Peloton teacher, instructed CelebrityPie. King added that when the IT band is irritated, chances are you’ll really feel ache in your hip, knee, or decrease again, or up and down the facet of your leg. You might also expertise clicking or tenderness within the knee.

What precisely aggravates this band of fibers? King defined that the everyday culprits are weak hips or glutes, in addition to repetitive actions like operating or biking. Because the IT band is repeatedly activated, it causes friction on the high of the hip joint or the knee, ensuing within the ache and discomfort you’re feeling.

Although it will probably really feel just like the IT band is tight, Austin Martinez, MS, an NSCA-certified energy and conditioning specialist and the director of training for StretchLab, defined that this description is a bit deceptive. The IT band consists of dense, connective tissues that may’t contract like a muscle. “Subsequently, oftentimes a ‘tight IT band’ just isn’t as a result of the IT band is definitely tight or tense, however quite the persistent load and affect absorbed by the IT band and surrounding muscle tissues — just like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip abductors — results in irritation or irritation of the realm,” Martinez instructed CelebrityPie.

Regardless of the reason for your IT band points, each consultants agreed they should not be ignored. “If unaddressed, the ache can proceed to extend, which may make it troublesome to do any exercise involving your decrease limbs,” Martinez stated. He recommends stretching — attempt these focused stretches after your exercises — in addition to corrective train to strengthen the muscle tissues surrounding your IT band. As at all times, for those who’re involved concerning the ache you are experiencing, discuss to your physician.


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