What is the Most Painful Place to Get a Tattoo?

What's the Most Painful Place to Get a Tattoo?

For those who’re contemplating getting a tattoo, chances are you’ll be questioning the place probably the most painful place on the physique is to get one — so you may keep away from getting inked there. It seems that whereas sure spots on the human anatomy are particularly delicate to stimuli (like needles utilized in tattooing), the least nice locations to get a tattoo may very well depend upon you and your private tolerance to ache. That mentioned, medical doctors agree that some locations are going to be universally extra painful than others.

There are a couple of components that decide how a lot it’s going to damage to get a tattoo, and the placement is certainly one of them. “Essentially the most painful locations for a tattoo are areas the place the pores and skin is skinny, there’s much less fats, and there are numerous nerve endings,” Dr. Suzanne Friedler, board-certified dermatologist with Superior Dermatology PC and scientific teacher of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Middle, instructed CelebrityPie. “These areas embody the face and lips, the place pores and skin is especially skinny.” She added that palms and ft are stuffed with nerve endings, and areas just like the rib cage are notably painful because of many bones being so near the pores and skin’s floor. “The flexor surfaces reminiscent of your underarms, interior elbow, and behind the knees are additionally delicate because of the skinny pores and skin and lack of fats in these areas,” she mentioned.

“Sure areas on the pores and skin have a better focus of nerve fibers, and may due to this fact be extra delicate to ache and different stimuli.”

Apart from the placement alternative, there are different physiological components that impression how a lot getting a tattoo will damage. “Sure areas on the pores and skin have a better focus of nerve fibers, and may due to this fact be extra delicate to ache and different stimuli,” Tanya Nino, MD, dermatologist with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, CA, defined to CelebrityPie. “For instance, our fingertips are recognized to have a better focus of sensory receptors,” she mentioned, including that the higher lip can be a really delicate space.

It appears that evidently if you wish to keep away from probably the most painful locations to get a tattoo, the consensus is to steer clear of the face and palms. Dr. Friedler additionally famous that ache tolerance varies from individual to individual, which is smart. “The identical particular person might expertise ache otherwise from each day and with various stress ranges,” she mentioned.

Matt O’Baugh from Black Cobra Tattoos in Little Rock, AR, joked to CelebrityPie that “getting a tattoo hurts the worst wherever you are getting it in the mean time!” However he too famous, “We’re all wired otherwise, so a few of the extra delicate areas — ribs, prime of the foot, chest — could also be insufferable to 1 consumer, however is probably not so unhealthy for one more consumer.” In the end, in accordance with O’Baugh, it is completely different for everybody.


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