What We Can Be taught From Olivia Rodrigo’s Beginning Chart

What We Can Learn From Olivia Rodrigo's Birth Chart

Olivia Rodrigo has been making waves within the music scene since her angsty power-balled “Drivers License” exploded earlier this 12 months, and with the discharge of her debut album, Bitter, she reveals no indicators of slowing down. The self-proclaimed “spicy Pisces” has no hesitancy in terms of expressing herself emotionally on Bitter, which is so on model for water indicators. The actress is a Pisces solar, which makes a ton of sense while you hearken to her single “Good 4 U,” the place she belts, “Possibly I am too emotional / However your apathy’s like a wound in salt.” Clearly, it is a Pisces anthem.

Although Olivia might sound to burst with water-sign power, there’s much more to her delivery chart than her solar signal suggests. Your solar signal is barely a fraction of your chart, and different planets have an enormous affect in your persona, the best way you course of your feelings, and the best way you painting your self. Not solely does the “Deja Vu” singer have a Libra moon and a Capricorn ascendant, however she additionally has a supercharged stellium in her second home. CelebrityPie spoke with astrologer and cohost of the Allegedly Astrology podcast Dana DeFranco to study extra about Olivia’s cosmic persona.

The Huge 3: Solar, Ascendant, and Moon

Solar in Pisces

Olivia’s Piscean power is seen most in her solar signal, which is the signal that dictates our outward persona. For this reason we are able to confidently say Olivia is one unapologetic and emotionally expressive Pisces.

“Pisces suns are true artists at their core,” Dana advised CelebrityPie. “If Geminis are the chameleons of the zodiac, Pisces are shapeshifters.” Bitter is stuffed with uncooked and intense feelings and exudes the form of vulnerability you may anticipate from a sympathetic water signal. Water placements are identified to permit feelings to run freely by means of them, like waves within the ocean.

“After I hearken to Olivia’s album, I can fairly actually really feel her angst and disappointment,” Dana mentioned. “That is the facility of water indicators, particularly Pisces — the power to channel emotion by means of artistic channels in order that others are in a position to really feel it too.”

Identical to different water indicators, Pisces are intuitive by design. “Their empathic and intuitive nature grants them the power to regulate the expression of their personalities to any backdrop,” Dana defined. “Due to their empathic nature, Pisces placements can typically take up the feelings of others to the purpose of self-victimization.”

Pisces are additionally pure dreamers, and Olivia is not any stranger to dreaming massive. Her success alone is proof of her dreamlike power, however her instinct goes a lot deeper than that. In a current interview on the Zach Sang Present, Olivia talked about how songs come to her in dreams and that she typically goals about writing songs.

Capricorn Ascendant

Our ascendant signal, or our rising signal, is all about our social projections. This placement is commonly described as our social masks and the way we painting ourselves in social settings. Olivia’s Capricorn ascendant can inform us loads about the best way she presents herself publicly. Capricorns are typically probably the most reserved signal within the zodiac. Typically, Capricorn ascendants really feel a way of typical obligation to be seen as doing the fitting factor.

Dana defined that there is a important side to Olivia’s chart to remember. “Olivia’s Pisces solar is in a good sextile together with her Capricorn ascendant,” she advised CelebrityPie. The standard Capricorn is normally one to rationalize their goals, which has served Olivia effectively. “The ascendant, or rising, is the primary place to look with the intention to perceive an individual’s perspective and the way they strategy the world. Sextiles are a harmonious side that may be immensely artistic when acted upon, which is precisely what Olivia is doing by making music,” Dana mentioned. Earth indicators like Capricorns are not any stranger to actualizing their objectives.

Moon in Libra

Astrologically talking, our moon indicators painting our interior self, how we react to our personal feelings, and the way we reply to others. Consider it as who we’re when nobody’s trying.

Although it is onerous to say who Olivia is once we’re not trying, we are able to discover hints of her Libra qualities in her extra private, susceptible songs like “Brutal.” On this tune, she sings, “I really feel like nobody desires me / And I hate the best way I am perceived,” which supplies us perception into her sense of disconnect between who she thinks she is and the way she thinks different folks see her. Her hyperawareness round reputation and desirous to be appreciated may be very on model for Libras, who’re seen as sociable folks. Since her moon is in Libra, this might replicate her concern of not being accepted by these round her.

“Libra is the signal of steadiness, concord, and relationship, and the moon symbolizes our emotional reactions and reveals us what we have to really feel protected and safe,” Dana mentioned. “Which means Olivia requires strong relationships to take care of her emotional well being. One might argue that this can be a elementary requirement for all people, but it surely’s particularly vital for Olivia, who might be extra prepared and in a position to obtain compromise in partnerships to take care of private safety.”

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, know-how, and mind. Olivia’s trailblazing Aquarian traits are current in her communication type, particularly in how she rationalizes her feelings, which requires taking a step again to investigate them. “Mercury in Aquarius is a pointy and witty placement,” Dana mentioned. “Mercury is the planet of communication, and Aquarians sees themselves as residents of the world.”

Olivia’s tune “Happier,” the place she belts out the lyrics, “And I believed my coronary heart was indifferent / From all the daylight of our previous,” straight displays this Aquarian sentiment. In distinction to her tendency to disconnect, air-sign power consists of the repute of getting their head within the clouds, which oftentimes imparts a dreamy aspect to the best way they convey.

Venus in Capricorn

Oh, Venus, the romantic ruling planet of affection and concord. These with a Venus in Capricorn are typically extremely dedicated to their romantic, platonic, and enterprise relationships. Capricorn placements are sensible, certain, however they’re very critical in terms of the connections they create. “Venus in Capricorn values dedication and constructing robust foundations in a relationship,” Dana mentioned. Capricorns naturally want stability inside their private {and professional} relationships, so having this sign up your Venus can emphasize a longing for steadiness in relationships much more.

Stellium within the Second Home

Your planets affect totally different components of your persona, however the place they’re positioned in your homes is simply as important. Because the planets handed by means of the homes on the time you have been born, it energized a particular side of your life. When you’ve three or extra planets falling beneath one home, that is thought-about a stellium. Whether or not you’ve a stellium in your homes or planets, astrology would recommend your life and persona will revolve round these particular themes. For instance, somebody who has three or extra planets in Aquarius would possibly direct their ambitions towards bettering the world, whereas somebody who has three planets of their tenth home is perhaps extra profession pushed.

“The second home is the place our private values and earthly possessions reside,” Dana defined. “Olivia’s stellium is comprised of Mercury: communication and mind; Neptune: artwork, delirium, deception, and obscurity; and Uranus: disruption and magnetism — all of that are viable themes on her breakout album.”

Bitter undoubtedly has Pisces power throughout it, however any zodiac signal can recognize Olivia’s boldness to create, drive to actualize her goals, and braveness to specific her feelings in all varieties.


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