What’s the Animal in Blackpink’s “Ice Cream” Video? Capybara

What's the Animal in Blackpink's

Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” music video options numerous issues: pastels, ping-pong, Puma, and a furry, pig-like creature often known as a capybara. When you have by no means come throughout a capybara and type of, kind of, need to take one house, it is time for just a little lesson!

Capybaras are literally big rodents, comparable in genetic make-up to guinea pigs. With a lifespan of round 10 years, capybaras dwell in herds and can grow up to 143 pounds! These guys are typically referred to as “water pigs” as a result of they spend about as a lot time in the water as they do on land. Their webbed ft assist them navigate by rivers and lakes, chomping by crops and utilizing the water to cover from predators. Except you reside in Central or South America, you’ve got in all probability by no means come throughout a capybara in the wild. You’ll be able to, nonetheless, see a family of the long-toothed creatures at the San Diego Zoo! Till your subsequent go to, check out the capybara from the music video, together with some extra footage of the naturally well-groomed animals.


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