Who Is Girl Loki within the Marvel Comics?

Who Is Lady Loki in the Marvel Comics?

Within the newest trailer for Loki, there is a split-second shot that has everybody guessing. Loki is seen sitting in a wierd purple panorama with a short-haired blonde lady in a black costume. The massive query is who that lady is: is she Natasha Romanoff in some timeline or alternate type, or is she Girl Loki, a comics character who hasn’t appeared on display screen but?

Proper now, the proof appears to be leaning in direction of the latter. Loki has a blonde lady with a brief haircut in its forged who seems to be vaguely just like Scarlett Johansson from a distance: Sophie Di Martino, whose position within the present has not but been revealed, suggesting that it is a spoilery secret. The trailer talks about “variants” of characters, together with Loki himself, and appears to indicate the existence of many extra timelines, which was first teased in Avengers: Endgame; one such “variant” within the comics is Girl Loki. If the present is pulling us into the multiverse, which is a well-liked fan idea, then the presence of Girl Loki would make complete sense.

Girl Loki notably seems in a post-Ragnarok comics arc, the place Loki brings collectively surviving Asgardians and tips Thor into restoring all of them — Loki included — to full energy. In consequence, Loki is “reborn” in a feminine physique and swears to be finished with schemes to take over the Asgardian throne. In some methods, the presence of Girl Loki can be an ideal match for this present. In spite of everything, the Loki we see within the present shouldn’t be the one who survived Thor: Ragnarok and died by the hands of Thanos; that is an alternate timeline’s Loki who escaped after the Battle of New York in 2012 and hasn’t undergone the identical character growth. We’re already seeing one “variant” of Loki; what’s yet one more?

We can’t actually know what is going on on till after Loki‘s June 11 premiere date, however within the meantime, theorize away!


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