Why You Could Run a Fever on Your Interval

Why You May Run a Fever on Your Period

From tender breasts to temper swings, PMS isn’t any joke — however there’s one symptom that will catch you fully unexpectedly. “The basal core physique temperature can change over the course of the menstrual cycle, with the next temperature occurring through the luteal part of the menstrual cycle after ovulation,” Shannon Clark, MD, FACOG, a double board-certified ob-gyn and professor in maternal-fetal medication in Texas, instructed CelebrityPie. That is proper — you’ll be able to run a slight fever main as much as your interval, with out ever really being sick.

Dr. Clark defined that hormone fluctuations throughout your cycle could cause your basal physique temperature to extend anyplace from 0.3 to 1.0 levels Celsius. Translation? In the event you usually run a cool 98.6 levels Fahrenheit, your temperature might go as much as 100.4. This is not an enormous spike, however it’s sufficient to provide the “interval flu,” the place you are feeling clammy and warmer than standard. Relaxation assured: you probably do not even have the flu! Your physique is simply doing its factor and gearing up for the primary occasion.

If as a substitute conception happens, the core physique temperature stays elevated till the corpus luteum — a clump of cells that helps produce progesterone throughout early being pregnant — is not useful, which is often on the finish of the primary trimester, Dr. Clark added. Nonetheless, if an egg is not fertilized, your temperature will drop again right down to regular ranges after menstruation.

Once more, working a low-grade fever throughout your interval is regular. If it is accompanied by different interval signs like cramps, contemplate taking an NSAID like ibuprofen to assist ease the discomfort. If the fever persists otherwise you’re experiencing different signs of an an infection, it is best to speak to your physician.


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