Why You Shouldn’t Take Expired Birth Control Pills

Why You Shouldn't Take Expired Birth Control Pills

You may have the ability to take a look at the boundaries in your magnificence merchandise, however contraception is one factor you do not wish to use previous its expiration date. Doing so can put you at elevated threat of an unplanned being pregnant and make the tablet much less efficient at managing pesky signs like painful cramps.

“Due to the hormones inside contraception tablets, most expire inside one 12 months from their manufacturing date,” Charlsie Celestine, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn in New Jersey and host of the podcast For Vaginas Only, instructed CelebrityPie. Relying on while you choose up your prescription, your tablets may very well expire lower than a 12 months after your carry them residence. It’s because the expiration date printed in your contraception pack is dated precisely one 12 months from the time it was manufactured, not the date it was prescribed or bought.

The way you retailer your tablets can be vital. “Protecting contraception tablets in an atmosphere that’s too scorching, too chilly, or with excessive humidity could make your tablets lose their effectiveness even previous to their expiration date,” Dr. Celestine warned. This may simply be averted by storing them in an indoor, temperature-controlled atmosphere (suppose: contained in the purse you retain on you always, not in a steamy lavatory or the middle console of your automotive).

Whereas taking expired contraception could make it much less efficient at stopping being pregnant, it may possibly even have penalties in case you use the tablet to assist regulate your cycle or discover aid from points like migraine complications, heavy bleeding, or extreme cramps. “It is crucial to abide by the expiration dates, because the hormones within the tablet that assist regulate your interval are at a threat of deteriorating, which can have an effect on how they assist your cycle,” Dr. Celestine mentioned.

For those who want one other pack of tablets urgently, and might’t attain your physician or get an appointment in time, some states will let you get your prescription refilled by a pharmacist, she defined. No matter route you’re taking to get your prescription, bear in mind to make use of a backup type of contraception to make sure you’re protected within the meantime.


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